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Target Patients MD CTO Apostoli Tsilikas explains how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the digital marketing arena. Watch this 1 minute clip to learn more.

Use Artificial Intelligence To Drive More
Patients To Your Practice

The future of medical marketing here. In a time where your staff needs to do more with less, we’re using artificial intelligence to nurture and guide new patients into your practice. Stop wondering if you’ll have enough patients and whether they’ll show. Our affordable AI system assures it.

Imagine having a dedicated, full-time staff person (and by full time, we mean 24/7/365) whose only job is to contact, qualify, book and talk with your patient all the way to your door. The artificial intelligence technology collects relevant information, answers questions and guides your new patient to their appointments. Welcome to A.L.I 360.

Why Use Artificial Intelligence
To Market Your Practice?

  • We lower the cost of finding new patients
  • A.L.I. 360 serves your practice without adding any additional duties to any of your staff
  • Our AI system generates 3-5 times more revenue than your investment
  • We give your practice 24/7/365 interactivity with patients which improves your conversion.
  • A.L.I. 360 frees your staff from essential duties aimed at patient questions, follow up and scheduling.
  • Automate long term nurturing of potential patients (leads) for up to 6 months
  • Eliminate human error and late response times

A.L.I. 360 is quickly becoming the new standard with marketing your medical practice and establishing a relationship with new patients before they come to their appointments. Our systems learns about your practice the more it’s used which reduces the margin of error in guiding new patients to their appointment.

Watch how A.L.I. helped Dr. Emil Chynn, MD,
MBA Refractive Surgeon, Ophthalmologist

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