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Ophthalmologist Marketing

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We doubled Dr Chynn’s revenue in less than a week!

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“Within 60 days we delivered 29 new LASEK patients
which generated 145K in revenue…”

Park Avenue LASEK

Within 60 days we delivered 29 new patients for LASEK: which generated 145K in revenue.

Park Avenue LASEK

Within 60 days we delivered 29 new patients for LASEK: which generated 145K in revenue.

Target Patients MD’s ROI-focused approach to PPC gave Park Avenue LASEK exactly what they needed:


increase in


increase in


decrease in
cost per conversion

Ophthalmologists are facing a lot of unique challenges. Even though Lasik surgery has become more popular than ever, this also means that competition is at an all-time high. Due to industry and competitive growth, Lasik surgery centers and ophthalmologists must stand out to attract a steady stream of patients.

The bast place to start Is with digital marketing.
Target Patients MD understands healthcare marketing and we always strive to develop a plan for long-term results. Keep reading to know how we can evolve your digital marketing strategy.

Personalized Lasik Digital Marketing
That Converts

Below are some of the many services that we offer here at Target Patients. To find out more about our marketing solutions, please visit our Specialties page.

SEO for Lasik and Ophthalmology

When people search for laser eye surgery or an ophthalmologist in your area, you want them to see your website on the results. This is where SEO comes in. Search engine optimization or SEO is a set of processes and strategies that improves your ranking placement on search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. From keyword research to content marketing to mobile optimization, Target Patients is ready to SEO-optimize your eye-care website.

Website Development for Lasik and Ophthalmology

Just because you aireaoy have a website. it doesn’t mean that it stops there. An eye-care website is your primary marketing tool so it needs to be the best representation of your practice. Proper web development can give you full design control, increased brand awareness. establish trust and credibility, create a strong first impression, and more. At Target Patients we have a team of talented web developers and designers to create a website that you can be proud of.

Social Media Advertising for Lasik and Ophthalmology

If you really want to leverage the power of platforms like Facebook, a paid search strategy is highly recommended. Social media platforms offer paid advertising options and the most popular one is Facebook Ads. Although Facebook Ads is fairly easy to use, there are some nuances and tweaks that will elevate your campaign to new heights. This is where our social media team shines, creating a highly-optimized social media campaign for less

Email Marketing for Lasik and Ophthalmology

How are you using your centers email list? Coupled with a strong referral program, email marketing can greatly increase your patient base. Plus, you get benef its like fast communication, precision targeting, eye•care news announcements, increased brand awareness, and the list goes on. We can help you create an email campaign that makes sense for your practice.

Reputation Management for Lasik and Ophthalmology

Today. Me majority or healthcare consumers begin their journey by searching for their options online. When they search for your Lasik surgery center, what will they see? Do you have enough reviews to be trustworthy?

Do you have some negative reviews? One bad review can overshadow your positive ones. Our reputation management team will help manage your online reviews In places like Google, Healthgrades, Yelp, Facebook, and more. We make sure that you develop a stellar online reputation for your practice.

Why Evolve Your Ophthalmology Marketing With Target Patients?

Target Patients LLC is a digital marketing agency that exclusively serves healthcare organizations and practices With over 730. clients across the United States and Canada. we have proven case studies that we would love to show you. Here’s what you can expect when you work with us:

Personalized Ophthalmology Marketing Plans

We recognize that all healthcare providers have different needs. Thus. we won’t insult you with a template or cooki•cutter strategies. We take a look at your organization and current strategies. then we develop a customized strategy for you.

Focus on Growth

Target Patients is committed to helping your Lasik or ophthalmology center increase the patient base. Although Other metrics and KPIs are important, the ultimate goal is the growth of your practice.

Precision Advertising

Having more traffic is not the end-all-be-all of digital marketing. High traffic Is useless it conversions are low. We specialize in highly targeted campaigns so you only attract people who are likely to become your patients

Deep Insight Into the Industry

Healthcare marketing is vastly different than in other industries. Therefore, you want an agency partner that has worked intimately with the healthcare market. With over 700 healthcare clients served. we know how to make your ophthalmology practice succeed in this space.

Honesty and Transparency

Target Patients won’t ever keep you in the dark. Conversely, well Invite you behind the curtains. Our promise Is 100% transparency in our marketing strategies and their results.

Take Control of Your Lasik and Ophthalmology Marketing

We offer results. We promise results. We deliver results if you’re ready to grow your Lasik and Ophthalmology practice. feel free to Contact us!