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Medicare, Final Expense, and Life Leads

Rapidly grow your insurance sales and agency with EXCLUSIVE Medicare, Final Expense, and Life leads.

We help insurance agents & brokers get 3x more sales per month through automated lead generation without depending on cold-calling, referrals, or outdated lists (even during turbulent times). Best of all, there are no retainer fees. You only pay for the amount of leads you can handle.


Exclusive leads

Never have to share your insurance leads again. These leads are yours and yours alone.

Fast Delivery

Most lead orders start to fulfill within 2-4 business days. You will receive your leads via email.

Lead Nurturing

We send every lead SMS and Emails stating the agents name and that the agent will get in contact with them soon.

One Simple Dashboard. filled with qualified Leads. 3x your policies sold.

We generate over 20,000+ leads monthly covering over 50 states. It’s time to double or triple your policy sales and grow your agency. 

Meet Your Future Lead Gen Team


Daniel is a marketer who’s worked at multi-billion dollar start-ups. He is a sales professional and digital marketing expert who’s generated thousands of leads for local businesses. He is passionate about helping others become successful in their own niche.

Daniel Kim

Ahmed is an advertising expert and a business automation specialist from Texas. He is generating various companies countless leads every day while ensuring lucrative profits. By now he has generated about 500,000+ leads for local businesses and insurance agents.

Ahmed Hashim

Angel is a B2B advertising expert from Florida. His expertise lies in helping local businesses generate 4-8 appointments weekly by using cold email and advanced prospecting techniques. He is the genius behind Funnelbolt and Pichardo Business Solutions. By now he has helped hundreds of local businesses, coaches, and consultants.

Angel Pichardo

$500K Leads And Counting 🔥

Appointments Scheduled Using Our AI Scheduler

Insurance Lead Generation For Medicare - California

Medicare And Life Leads Michigan


Why Choose Us As Your Lead Generation Partner?

We have been providing quality and affordable leads to independent insurance agents and agencies all over the country. We hire and train dedicated staff members, ranging from telemarketers to digital landing page specialist to provide fresh and aged exclusive Final Expense, Medicare Supplement, and Life Insurance leads.
We have quality control measures in place to ensure every lead meets our top-level standards. We also get permission from the prospect for an insurance agent to contact them.
Since 2018, we have been generating leads for insurance agents all around the country. Our extensive experience allows us to develop high quality leads for our clients.
We started generating leads for healthcare and medical clinics since 2014.
Zero Antics
Our company strongly believes in and upholds integrity. Expect no hidden charges when working with us.
Secure Payment Options
Pay for leads by using secure payment platforms on our website.
High Closing Ratio
By providing you with only quality leads reviewed by our management, we help you boost your closing ratio, and in turn, increase sales.
No Commitment Barriers
We don’t want you to stress about long-term commitments and cancellation fees. Buy our leads whenever you want them without any worries of future billing charges. You can cancel anytime, just email or contact us 5 business days before your next billing cycle.


Most frequent questions and answers

You will receive you leads via sms and email.

** You can get them via our new CRM Too! 

You are able to cancel a lead order within 3 hours of placing it. Email [email protected]

Yes! We offer appointment setters to follow up with your leads at $8/lead additional. Our trained appointment setters will be provided scripts and trained for every product. They usually follow-up with your leads via text/ email, and phone calls.

No, our ads are clear and mention “Life Insurance” “State Approved”. Our ads also mention cost and that they will be contacted.

Yes, we offer lead replacement for any leads that were generated with wrong data (phone/email)

Yes! we offer a complete 7-in-1 AI solution and digital appointment scheduler that Includes: Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Online Booking, CRM, Pipeline, Artificial Intelligence, Power Dialer and Funnel Builder!

Yes, you give us the amount of leads you can handle and pay upfront for your leads.


Where will you be 30, 60, or 90 days from now?

By working with our proven lead generation system, you can rapidly grow your policy sales and agency in just 30 days.

Will it take some hard work and dedicated focus? Of course it will. Run from anyone who tells you otherwise. And it would most likely take longer on your own without my help.

But isn’t a small investment in yourself worth closing 2x-3x more deals every month?

That’s what’s waiting for you. That’s what’s on the other side of this system.

And instead of wasting time, money, and energy trying to figure out the most effective way to do this all on your own with no guarantee of success…

You could simply invest in the lead generation which is the exact process that’s helped hundreds of agency brokers and agents hit sales records.

And you can grow your business predictably and become a very successful insurance agent/broker.


We are currently getting an OVERFLOW of leads and are looking to partner with a select group of agents/brokers.
If you already buy leads, ours will beat yours guaranteed!
Schedule your call now before you miss out on this ROCKET ship. 🚀