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Dental Digital Marketing

To maximize revenue, dentists need a constant stream of new patients. However, dentistry is a very competitive practice. So how do you make your practice stand out? This is where Target Patients MD comes in. We offer comprehensive solutions to help dentists take their marketing to new heights.

Innovative Digital Marketing
Strategies for Dentists

Below are just a few of the many key services that we provide to dentists to acquire new patients and retain current ones.

SEO for Dentists

Today, SEO is a core component of any digital marketing campaign. Its the best way to improve online visibility and acquire new leads through the search engine results. Did you know that 75% of users don’t scroll past the first page of the search results? This means that if you want your patients to Lind you, your website needs to be optimized for search engines like Google. Target Patients MD can help you create a focused SEO campaign to generate high-quality traffic and attract the right patients.

Social Media Ads for Dentists

A good digital marketing campaign leverages the power of social media. It’s your direct line to your potential and current patients, allowing you to attract, engage. communicate, and convert. However. organic reach in social media Isn’t what It used to be. Even if you post daily, only a handful of your followers can see your post. If you want to make the most out of social media. paid ads like Facebook Ads are the way to go. Target Patients MD will create, manage, and optimize your social media ads campaign to give you the best results.

Website Development for Dentists

For the majority of patients, your website is the very first touchpoint to your brand – it’s essentially your primary marketing tool. According to a report by Stanford, 75% of people judge a company based on their website. you don’t have long to win over your visitors so you have those few seconds count. A well-designed website provides a strong first impression, improving the probability of visitors staying to be served with your marketing message. With Target Patients MD, you get a customized web design and set leads on your conversion paths.

Email Marketing for Dentists

Email is one of the easiest and fastest means of communication for any medical practice. However, many dentists only use email Internally Instead of marketing outwardly to patients. Email marketing is highly targeted and you can easily target various groups depending on your strategy. Target Patients MD can help you develop a personalized email marketing campaign that makes the most sense for your company.

Reputation Management for Dentists

Online reputation can make or break your dentistry brand. 9 out of 10 patients will look up online reviews to evaluate healthcare providers. If your online reviews are less than stellar, you’ll have a hard time attracting and retaining patients. Trust is the most important factor when it comes to patient acquisition. At Target Patients MD we create reputation management strategies that involve reviews management, video testimonials: patient feedback, and more.

Why Choose Target Patients MD?

Target Patients MD is a digital marketing agency that specializes in helping health practitioners in the U.S. and Canada. We have helped over 700 healthcare companies and practitioners achieve their marketing goals through handcrafted strategies. Here are the ways Target Patients MD can help:

Focused on Results

Although more traffic and clicks are nice, that’s hardly our main goal. As your marketing partner. well help you achieve your ultimate goal: growing your patient base.

Highly-Targeted Marketing

Increased traffic matters a little if you can’t convert. At Target Patients MD, we optimize your campaign to ensure that your marketing message is reaching the right audience and increasing your conversions.

Healthcare Specific Strategies

Medical marketing is a whole new different beast. Thus, you want to work with an agency that specializes In helping plastic and cosmetic surgeons. We know the medical business growth model and have helped 700• practitioners In the uS. and Canada.

Transparency is a Priority

Transparency is one of our core values here at Target Patients. From strategy sessions to monthly reports. we make sure that you’re always on top of your campaign.

In-House Digital Marketing Experts

At Target Patients MD, we have a team of skilled and experienced medical marketing experts. We don’t outsource Our projects and when you partner with us, you directly work with our team.

Ready to Grow Your Dentist Practice?

Let us help you acquire more patients and grow your business with innovative and profitable digital marketing strategies. Contact us now!

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