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Orthopedics Marketing

In a highlycompetitive medical practice like orthopedic care, increased visibility is a necessity. If you’re looking to gain new patients and also build a loyal patient base, you need a fully realized orthopedic marketing strategy. Many healthcare companies are lagging when it comes to digital marketing. Is that the case with your orthopedic practice?

If you need help to increase your orthopedic care centers online presence, Target Patients MD can help. Read more to learn how we can expand your digital reach.

Custom Digital Marketing Solutions for
Your Orthopedics Program

Below are a few of the marketing so:ut ions that we offer for orthopedic care programs. To find out more about our services. please visit our Specialties page.

Search Engine Optimization for Orthopedics

In the saturated field of orthopedic physicians, the key to setting your practice apart and connecting to the right audience Is SEO. The scary truth Is that only one in four people is interested in scrolling past the first page of the Google results. A website that doesn’t appear on the first page might as well not exist. SEO will expand your center’s online presence and give it the spotlight it deserves. Target Patients MD will build your online presence around key search terms and rank highly for them.

Search Engine Marketing for Orthopedics

Unlike SEO. search engine marketing or SEM Is Ideal for getting quick results as you generate more visitor traffic from search engine results pages (SERPs). In fact. once you’ve got everything set up, you can launch your campaign and receive leads on the same day. However. its a paid advertising option and if you don’t know what you’re doing. you’ll end up spending more with little to no results. This is where Target Patients come in. We can manage and optimize your SEM accounts for better results without overspending.

Website Development for Orthopedics

When was the last time you updated your orthopedics website? Whether you’re looking to acquire more patients or build your online presence. proper web design is a must to reach your goals. Remember that your website is a direct representation of your brand so if it’s poorly-designed, it reflects on your practice as well. At Target Patients MD, we develop custom healthcare websites that are aesthetically pleasing, robust, mobile-friendly, and HIPAA compliant.

Social Media Management for Orthopedics

You likely have several social media accounts. The question is, are you properly leveraging the power of social media for your practice? If you’re simply posting once in a while. we’re afraid that doesn’t count. Target Patients offer full-service social media management services. Well transform your social media presence and take it to the next level through daily activity, engagement monitoring. increasing followers. and high-quality content. We manage your social media so you don’t have to.

Reputation Management for Orthopedics

Online reputation management for orthopedics has never been more important than today. When people search for healthcare providers, they don’t call or visit clinics, they go online to read reviews. So when potential patients check your reviews. what are they going to see/ Reputation management ensures that the general public has a positive perception of your brand. Target Patients will perform steps like encourage patients to review your practice and mitigate negative reviews

Orthopedic Digital Marketing Done Right

Target Patients LLC is a digital marketing agency that exclusively helps medical organizations and practitioners to grow their patient base. More than 730 healthcare practices have benefited from partnering with us. Here’swhat you can expect from our marketing brand:

Customized Orthopedic Marketing Plan

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all marketing plan. At Target Patients. we audit your practice and marketing strategies to handcraft a campaign that works only for you.

In-House Specialists

When you work with Target Patients, you work with the best. We don’t outsource our projects. never will. were a team composed of talented marketing experts, copywriters, web designers social media strategists. and more.

Focused on Results

Increased website traffic and more clicks are nice but they’re not part of our main goal. Target Patients MD works to bring you the results you want: acquire more orthopedic patients.

Healthcare Industry Insights

As mentioned, we’ve helped hundreds of healthcare organizations all over the country. We’re very familiar with the industry. We know how different medical marketing is and we know how we can make it work for your practice.

100% Transparency

Instead of talking and selling to you as clients, we’re inviting you into our world. Our goal is to be transparent with our methodologies and processes, so you always know what’s going on with your campaign.

Ready to Reach More Orthopedic Patients Online?

At Target Patients MD we have the skills and resources to develop an innovative strategy for your orthopedic practice. Contact us today to know more about how we can help.