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Our 33-page eBook includes everything you need to succeed as a medical marketing guru during this epidemic. Marketing is powerful. It enhances brand value, increases market share and attracts new patients. Discover how to market your business during this pandemic with our free eBook.

You’ll learn about:

  • The Effects of The Pandemic to Dr Offices’ Marketing Strategy
  • The Common Marketing Strategies of Dr Offices Before the Epidemic
  • Starting Online Consultation and Virtual Visits
  • Pros of Online Marketing Strategies for Doctor Offices
  • Preparing and Placing Online Advertisements & Starting on Blog Posts
  • Alternative Strategy: Setting Up Satellite Offices

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About The Author

Steve Bunker is the CEO of Target Patients LLC and has been specializing in digital marketing for over 17 years. His expertise covers a range of different digital marketing formats that include SEO, SEM and Facebook ads. Having vast experience in helping medical practices communicate with their target market through sharp digital marketing strategies, Steve decided to make the medical industry his primary focus.

Today his vision for smarter digital marketing in the medical industry has become a reality, since establishing Target Patients LLC. They are a results-driven agency that has helped over 735 medical practices from the USA and Canada meet their business aspirations through effective digital marketing solutions. This could be you.

Steve Bunker
Chief Marketing Officer