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Danielle Lupo, Playboy Bunny & Healthcare Pro, Is Schooling Us On  Coronavirus

Danielle Lupo is a very impressive young woman. She is known as a former playboy bunny turned frontline healthcare worker and we wanted to ask her to tell her story. 

Danielle says

“Contrary to popular belief I started my career in healthcare as early as my high school days! In high school, my first job was at a Med spa assisting an MD, then I progressed to working at a dental office where I was assisting a DDS. That is when I first became interested in healthcare and started going to school for dental hygiene. Later, I switched my degree to Pre Med.

The Playboy club NYC opening happened between the time when I left my position as an EKG tech at Saint Peter’s University Hospital to go back to college full time. Working as a playboy bunny while attending university was one of the most crazy, fun and rewarding times of my life.

One may not see the overlap in the other, but being a playboy bunny means much more than wearing that special suit made just for a select few. To me, it was my right as a woman to be able to put my beauty and brains on display!”

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I asked Danielle to tell us a bit more about her experience working as a frontline healthcare worker so far.

Danielle says

“Covid times have especially been some of the most challenging and rewarding times in my life. I was forced to push my mental and physical limits also all while pushing my own anxieties and fears aside. Turning 25, I was diagnosed with chronic anxiety, which put me in the hospital twice last year. Of course Covid times are bringing out the worst of my anxieties but I am learning to handle anxiety and stress and balance out my life more and more each day.”

Working in healthcare while battling anxiety is an incredible feat. Especially working with COVID, where there have been so many unknowns, has pushed everyone beyond their comfort levels and breaking points. 

Playboy Bunny and aspiring doctor's 'double life': 'I can do it all'

I asked Danielle what her advice to others who are also working as frontline healthcare workers would be.

Danielle says

“Keep up the fight. We’ve made it through the worst and are soon going to see some turn around with herd immunity and the vaccine. This is sure to go down in history and what a time to be a healthcare worker, this may be the most rewarding time in our entire careers. And we will wear that badge of honor being called “heroes” proudly!”

And what heroes they truly are! 

I asked Danielle what her advice would be to anyone interested in becoming involved in healthcare work now.

Danielle says

“I’d say to first take a Keiser personality test and see what field you would be best fit for. I had gotten a healthcare provider on my test results, which had further solidified my choice to be in this field. Surround yourself with other healthcare professionals, equals and mentors to lean on. And don’t forget to network! My internship provided me with a great reference and led to an amazing job opportunity at a top hospital.”

Lastly, I wanted to know what Danielle thought of us here at Target Patients MD, being a company established to help grow medical businesses, with Danielle having so many different experiences in medicine. 

Danielle says

Target Patients MD seems to specialize in all things digital growth and marketing, including new patient procurement, patient outreach, reputation management, and more. It is important to note their HIPAA compliance as well. Especially in healthcare, discretion and privacy is most important to patients. Target patients MD seems like a great resource for all types of patients and practices. I especially like their claim to generate coolsculpting customers for your business at the expense of you not having to pay them if they don’t get patients for you. That is certainly something you don’t see every day! I’d refer them to any business solely based on that risk-free and generous policy!”

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A Heart Healthy Recipe by Danielle Lupo

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