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As of May of 2021, Google’s search algorithm will begin incorporating the speed of your website as a ranking signal for organic search results. This concept is being coined ‘Core Web Vitals’. 

This change can have a great impact on many businesses, so let’s talk about it. 

What does this change mean?

This means that the faster and more concise your website is, the better you stand according to Google’s new search algorithm. This update will take your website’s performance and usability into consideration when ranking the search term algorithm. 

This can make or break your website – literally. No one is going to take the time to scroll to page 4, so if you rank on page 4, your business will suffer. 

The good news!

The good news here is that we at Target Patients MD know exactly how to revamp your website if you are a medical business in need of some help!

We specialize in patient outreach, new patient procurement and reputation management.

Target Patients MD has been working with SEO for over 17 years and we can make sure medical practices get to first page results. 

Our experienced SEO team has seen it all, the various Google updates, changes within SEO, and have successfully navigated the field for nearly 20 years for our clients. Having the absolute best optimization is crucial in today’s world and can be achieved with the proper strategy and implementation that we know and love so well.

Check out our website and work with us today! 


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