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Medical Marketing is a term that we at Target Patients MD refer to quite often. Some of you may be wondering what exactly Medical Marketing means. Let us explain! 

Medical marketing, also referred to as Health Marketing involves creating, communicating, and delivering health information and interventions using customer-centered and science-based strategies to protect and promote the health of diverse populations (CDC, 2005).

Medical marketing (also referred to as health marketing) can include

Creating a Strong Web Presence

The first step to establishing your online presence is by creating an attractive and informative website. Then, you can expand to various social medias dependant on your demographics needs.

Reputation Management and Control 

Unfortunately, one bad yelp review can really do a lot of damage to your brand. Medical marketing can help you control your online reputation! 

Staying Up To Date On Current Trends

Healthcare facilities can stay ahead of the competition by capitalizing on new trends and evolving marketing tactics. 

These are just a few of the many tactics to medical marketing. 

As a medical practice, more specially, medical marketing involves informing the public about the available options and services your practice offers. The more information you provide online, the more appealing you will be to potential patients. 

Medical Marketing may seem like a very simple task but it can be rather tricky. As technology has advanced, the competition online has become endless. A recent study reported that 72% of internet users said they looked online for health information within the past year. This is a clear sign for the medical industry to establish an online presence or risk losing patients and business.

Target Patients MD specializes in new patient procurement, patient outreach, reputation management. We strive to get your business to the top pages of Google and other search engines. Tell us your goal, and we’ll develop the methods to achieve it. 

We offer results. We promise results. We deliver results if you’re ready to grow your Lasik and Ophthalmology practice. feel free to Contact us!


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