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Plastic surgery is any surgical or nonsurgical procedure completed in a non-emergency setting in order to improve appearance. Plastic surgery can also be referred to as a cosmetic procedure and these terms often come with a very negative stigma. 

Examples of plastic surgery are breast augmentation, body lifts, botox, etc. With so many recent advances in medicine, more and more people are becoming more confident with having plastic surgery procedures done, with much fewer risks and issues. As of 2018, 17.7 million plastic surgery procedures were performed in the US alone. 

Just recently during the global pandemic in 2020, there has been an increase in procedures, particularly Brazilian butt lifts, nose jobs and breast augmentation procedures. These procedures are being referred to as pandemic plastic surgery, which is quite fitting! 

While there has previously been a very negative stigma with plastic surgery procedures, it is definitely becoming more normalized. That being said, the stigma definitely still exists, but it is improving! 

When it comes to plastic surgery and plastic surgeon marketing, providing clear and concise information is very important. The plastic surgery field is very competitive and we want your business to be at the very top of google searches and reviews! 

We at Target Patients MD are passionate about growing your plastic surgery business because we understand the importance and value of providing clients with the proper information to make medical decisions! We have worked with over 715 clients and deliver highly profitable results. Check out our website and work with us today!


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