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For those of you that may not be familiar with us, we are Target Patients MD, a digital marketing agency that specializes in helping medical practices dominate the web. We have helped over 735+ companies grow over the last 17+ years and we love what we do. 

Over the last 17+ years, we have grown with technology and all of the changes that have come with it. Most recently, we have adapted to using AI technology to help grow medical practices and stay up to date. What is AI technology? Let us explain:

AI technology, which stands for artificial intelligence technology, means technological machinery that acts ‘cognitively.’ AI technology is meant to act more efficiently and effectively, combining the tools, knowledge and work of both humans and technology. 

As technology has expanded and grown so rapidly, AI technology has had mixed reviews. Many have been afraid to utilize AI technology in fear of robots taking over the world. While that is far from reality, we understand that the constant evolution of technology can be quite intimidating. Which is why we’re here to help you utilize and understand these new technologies and techniques to grow your medical business. 

AI has the power to do things like only show relevant products to online shoppers, based on previous search history and spending habits. To conceptualize that in the medical marketing world, AI has the power to ensure that your business is on that first google search results page.

AI also has the ability to do things like personalize emails and other notifications based on users actions. If someone checks out your website, AI technology can send them an email with a link to make a consultation appointment with you. This can help you grow, without you doing anything at all! 

Speaking of not doing anything at all, AI gives you the option and flexibility to reduce staff and staff hours, which will save you money! 

More specifically, A.L.I. 360 is the name of our innovative and cutting edge technology. This stands for Artificial Lead Intelligence, which contacts, qualifies, books and talks with your patient all the way from the start to your door. 

We have the knowledge, let’s have the power together. Check out our website and work with us today!


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