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Target Patients MD specializes in all things digital growth, including new patient procurement, patient outreach, reputation management, etc. You might be wondering what those things mean and how they can help you! Let us explain:

New Patient Procurement involves clear and consistent SEO and SEM strategies to consistently show your business in relevant search terms and consumer feeds. In fields like plastic surgery, your “consistent” patients probably aren’t coming in very consistently, so you should have appropriate measures in place to keep your business growing and bringing in new patients. 

Every aspect of our services is important, but without new patient procurement, your business will eventually plateau! This is why we focus heavily on SEO and SEM strategies to consistently show your business to your target audience and bring in new clients! 

Patient outreach involves implementing communication methods such as telemedicine and mass email/text messaging notices keeping your patients up to date on your business, their accounts, possible promotions and anything else they might need to or want to know. 

Patient outreach is a very important aspect of healthcare marketing because you want to stay at the top of your clients minds without making them feel inundated with messages from you. It’s about finding the right balance and keeping your clientele happy! 

Reputation Management involves managing reviews online to ensure that what consumers are reading about your business is a fair and accurate reflection of you. By implementing patient feedback messages you can increase your number of positive, and accurate, reviews. 

One bad review can unfortunately make or break a company, or so it may feel. Reputation management involves a lot of digital work, but more importantly, it comes from within the business itself. Every member of your staff must understand the responsibility they carry with how they treat others. We hope that you have an amazing staff, like we do, and that everyone works together to achieve the best for the company! 

With well over 735 companies that we’ve worked with over the last 17+ years, we have the tools and knowledge to help your business grow to its fullest potential, in reasonable time. We want to help you spread the word of the medical procedures you can offer to help as many people as possible. 

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