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Target Patients MD is a medical marketing company that has helped well over 735 companies grow their digital platforms for well over 17 years now. We consider ourselves HCP (health care provider) marketers rather than DTC (direct to consumer) marketers, in that we cater to medical businesses rather than direct consumers. 

Our 735+ companies that we have worked with have consisted of very various medical fields including plastic surgery, dentistry, health care, etc. We call ourselves the medical practice growth experts and we have numerous testimonials and case studies that agree with us! 

Our goal is to deliver highly profitable patients using innovative marketing strategies. 90% of our clients see results within the first day of launching with us! When we come in to work with a medical business, we first identify a possible problem or area where you have room for growth, implement a strategy and then achieve that growth! 

Target Patients MD specializes in all fields of medical marketing, but a few of the fields we particularly excel in are medical spa marketing, bariatrics marketing, ophthalmology marketing, plastic surgery marketing, mental health marketing, urgent care marketing, primary care marketing and dermatology marketing. 

In addition to our work with medical marketing, we have an eBook you can download free of charge to help guide you in the right direction when it comes to digital healthcare marketing! You can download our eBook here

We also have social media accounts on various platforms as well as a blog page! One of our favorite blog posts is all about why medical marketing is valuable! Check it out! We hope that you will work with us today and grow your business to its fullest potential!


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