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If you’ve never heard of Medical spas before, they can sound both intimidating and relaxing. Medical spas offer varying procedures, some of which can include procedures to treat acne and breakouts, reduce scarring and improve the overall appearance of the skin in any trouble areas. 

These are nonsurgical procedures, but they are still a field of medicinal treatment. It is important to note that medical spas are different from day spas. 

The difference between a medical spa and a day spa is that medical spas involve more rejuvenation and day spas involve more relaxation. Medical spas can also include procedures such as filler, laser hair removal, Botox and deep peels, which would never be offered at a day spa. 

With medical spas being a possible unfamiliar topic, it is so important to make sure your marketing is clear and concise. The last thing you want is to have a misleading marketing campaign! 

Clearly explain what you offer and what you do not offer. It might even be beneficial to explain that you are not a day spa, or if you offer some similar treatments, list those at the bottom. Make sure to put at the top, the things that make you a medical spa! 

Target Patients MD is a medical marketing company that can help you ensure your marketing is flawless, like your clients! 


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